Thursday, May 29, 2008

This Takes The Cake

My birthday was this weekend. I turned 29. Eeek (I really can't be that old, can I?) For the last 23 years I've shared my Memorial Day birthday festivities with my little brother, Alex.

My dear husband has a reputation for making "special" birthday cakes for family members. Alex and I agreed we could share a cake -- it wasn't always that way, though. Jeremy racked his brain coming up with a way tie my interests -- yarn, knitting, sheep -- with Alex's -- guns, military and other fire arms.

When he unveiled the birthday cake Sunday night it was decorated with the standard "Happy B-day Mariah + Alex." Then he hand drew a sheep with -- get this -- machine guns mounted on their backs. It was inspired by Ausin Powers movie where Doctor Evil's son gave him sharks with lasers attached to their heads. I think the sheep with machine guns cake is the coolest cake ever! Tell me what you think.

He told me he was frustrated because he had red, yellow, blue and black food coloring and his options "were limited." I still love it. A cake, I didn't have to make.

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