Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I have a garden gnome

She's almost 2 1/2 and is really quite helpful.
She and my brother -- Uncle Dan -- planted the majority of the garden on Sunday.

Over the course of the morning she helped planted all of the tomato and pepper plants. Then she planted a row of cucumbers, beans, and a double row of sweet peas before she got bored/hungry for lunch. After nap the minions helped plant the gourds, mini pumpkins, regular pumpkins and canteloupes. Then we watered the garden. Any time you play with the hose is a fun time.


Kelli said...

Dear Little E.minion,

I love your hat and elmo shirt. You've grown-up into quite the garden helper, enjoy watching your garden grow this summer.


Edie and Ian said...

Thanks Auntie, Elmo is my favorite shirt. I even like to sleep in it -- if mom lets me. I can't wait to see all the seeds start to grow.

Ian said he didn't want to help until there were "matos in it."