Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Say a prayer to St. Anthony

I vividly remember when I was about 4 losing one of my patent leather Mary Janes after church on Sunday and my mother ripping apart the living room in search of this one shoe. I watched in awe -- I'd never seen a tornado in action, but this had to be pretty close.

"Mariah, we've got to find you shoe. Say a prayer to St. Anthony. He's the patron saint of lost things." My mother grew up in a solid Catholic family where saints were apparently frequently called up on to find lost items. She was transferring it on to me -- a child growing up as a Catholic with a father who thought organized religion was a crock.

"Please St. Anthony help me find my shoe." I prayed out loud and then quietly added "Before my mom loses it."

Soon the shoe reappeared, which was inevitable -- the house wasn't that big. It had fallen into my mom's craft basket next to her rocking chair and I was given a reprieve.

This weekend I found my self uttering a prayer -- albeit a silent one -- to St. Anthony to help me find the pattern to make a knitted hoodie for my daughter. Last fall I made one for my son -- but said I'd wait to make the other one until I got a new set of circular needles. Which I did for Mother's Day. The pattern has grown legs and walked off.

The first place I looked, and have done several times since, was my craft basket next to MY rocking chair. No dice. A quick, and semi-systematic search through the chaos known as my craft room yielded similar results. I was mad now.

The sage green yarn is wound. I've found some pretty pink or purple to add as stripes, but alas no pattern.

So, wish me luck in finding it. I'm making a size four. She is 2. Hopefully, I'll find it before she gets to big for it.

Here's the one I made for her borther. It's officially SDSU Blue and Gold. I didn't plan it that way. He picked the blue. I added the gold because it was just too blue. I think we'll be heading to some Jacks games in our future.

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