Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Peanut Butter Gnomes

We have hit critical mass. I must. get. groceries. While I have bread, milk, butter and eggs, I am out of peanut butter and cheese. Until recently I’ve been convinced that there are peanut butter and cheese gnomes that keep my fridge and cupboard stocked with these staples. They must be on strike.

That means no "peanut sandwiches" – a favorite breakfast/snack for both kids. It also means the frozen Hershey bar that is patiently waiting in the top bin of my freezer for a special night to be unwrapped, smeared with peanut butter and consumed with reverence along with a glass of ice cold milk is ignored.

Our cheese status is also in dire condition. I am out of American cheese to make the staple of mac ‘n’ cheese. I always make homemade – never the stuff in the blue box, ick! It seems like the kids suggest this for supper nearly every night. To complicate matters, I'm almost out of mozzarella, cheddar and the sliced cheese I use to make cheese sandwiches. Our meal options are suddenly limited.

Tonight’s agenda includes going to town, buying groceries, schlep them home, unpack and put away. Did I mention I love to shop for groceries, but don’t like to put them way?

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