Thursday, March 8, 2012

A photo recap of recent events

When I downloaded photos to the computer off the camera, I was shocked to realize exactly how long it had been, and how many photos there were to contend with. There were a few that I had to share because they are just that great.

OJO's interpretation of Marley and Marley.

First up is a Christmas photo. While decorating the Christmas tree, OJO claimed all of the beads as his. He spent more than 45 minutes trotting around the house bedecked in red beads. The minions broke into a parody of Marley and Marley, from The Muppet Christmas Carol. This definitely will one of those Christmas memories that will always stick with me.

Here's the original song.

There is a special bond between twins. Regardless of age, I am convinced that twins find special solace in each other. This year has been full of change for the minions since they are in separate classes at school. All day Kindergarten means socializing, practicing letters, counting and coloring. In the evening there are the fights and disagreements about which books will be read and who will snuggle them. But once it comes time to go to bed, they want to be near each other.

This bond is so strong that when E-minion gets sick in the night, she doesn't come to us for help or comfort she goes to I-minion. I-minion, on the other hand, goes to E-minion when he gets scared.

Perhaps when the idea of school is routine, and maybe when they aren't so exhausted at the end of the day, I-minion will decide it is OK to sleep in his bunk bed with OJO. Honestly I don't know if I'll ever get over watching my kids sleep, it somehow reinforces my belief that there is some good in the world.

When they were tiny, they slept just like this, too.


And finally, someone turned 2 at the beginning of February. OJO had a smashing time with his bug cake and opening presents.

There isn't a present that OJO won't unwrap. Seriously.

To sum up the post. Spring is coming! OJO sees it and he's excited.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The floor baby isn't a floor baby anymore

When the baby was about seven months old, I took him to North Country Fiber Fair in Watertown, SD. He hung out while his mama took a class and even modeled the product for Kathleen Taylor's Blog, Dakota Dreams.. I spent the weekend among fiber people. Baby O spent the time watching the spinning wheels go, crawling off his patchwork quilt and chasing a tennis ball. Everyone knew who the floor baby was and if he got too far from my spinning wheel, they'd bring him back. He's much to busy to go to the fiber retreat with me. However, his interest in spinning has not dwindled.


Baby O, can hardly be called that anymore. In fact, he's starting to identify himself as OJO in addition to his regular name. He is still fascinated with with fiber and his mother's spinning wheel. If no one is watching, he likes to step on the treadle and make it go himself -- then giggle wildly.





Thankfully, Edward (my Louet S10) is such a sturdy wheel, that I don't worry about OJO damaging it.

This is what we spun together. This was the single. I ended up with 582 yards of 2-ply at about 36


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

... Thus ends the radio silence

It has been entirely too long since the last post. In part that is due to the fact that it has been entirely too cold to tote the camera around while doing chores. When one bundles up in a Carhart coat, a custom made stocking cap (complete with pom poms) and two pairs of gloves, one does not dawdle while filling waters and chatting up the livestock.

Today highs were in the upper 60s, the sun was shining and the snow was melting, so instead of immediately heading inside when getting home from work and school, we played.

The minions let the hens out and played with them in the yard. We have a flock of five Rhode Island Reds. They are on our place thanks to I-minion's instance. They have been keeping us well stocked in eggs this winter.


When he was 3-years-old he began pestering us about becoming a chicken farmer. We gave in. The hens are Sasquatch, Fluffy, Isabelle, Heart and The Colonel. The minions named four hens, and my husband named The Colonel. Based on their choices, I have retained veto power over the naming of all livestock coming to live here in the future.


The kids love the chickens. Baby O is insistent that he “Help with chickies. Get the eggs.” I think he is at least on par with me on accidentally broken eggs.

The sheep enjoyed their afternoon in the sun.

Churchill, Edward and Knightley pose.

Knightley was more than willing to show off his age by smiling.


Weston believes that she is read for her close up – or just a chance to smear up the lens on my camera.


Of course with a lovely spring thaw means that the mud is here. The school buses are only traveling on hard surface roads only. Edie and Ian have to get toted to the county blacktop about three miles from home to get on and off the bus.


With mud on the road and in the yard, it is also stuck in the paws of the dogs. We've had four days of sunshine and above freezing temperatures have helped dry things out, so hopefully this part of spring won't last too long.