Sunday, May 1, 2011

Travel Knitting

With a 20+ hour road trip in T-minus 50 hours I am slowly whittling my lists in preparation for the road trip. The kids' clothes are packed. We've rounded up a couple books, a movie and a couple little toys to go to grandma's house, which is where they are staying while we're gone.

Today's tasks have included washing what seems like a million loads of laundry, putting down bedding in the sheep shed, putting a bale in the bale feeder that J devised using a few old cattle panels and a picture he saw in a catalog. J took the horse trailer to town and to wash it.

While Baby O and E-minion napped, I packed my travel knitting. There is a delicate balance to find between bringing too much and too little; and too complicated and too boring.

So this is what I settled on:
A sweater. The pattern is Pink from "Custom Knits." It's about the color of a $20 bill. I am knitting the ribbing on the bottom, and then will move to the sleeves. A nice mindless knit, really.

A secret project: All I will say the pattern is from "A Knitter's Book of Wool" and I am using a fingering weight yarn. This is virtually a new project.

Then when I'm traveling there isn't much better than a pair of socks. This is Army green yarn, and they will become Red Cross approved hand knit socks for military service personnel. These are for my little brother. He's historian who specializes in World War II and the Cold War -- specializing in the Minutemen Missile Silos that were installed in western South Dakota and Wyoming.

All of it fits nicely in my Baggu Bags from The Loopy Ewe.

My intention is to have my knitting bag next to me in the car, and work as long as I can before dark. I intend to knit as much as I can when I'm not driving.

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