Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On the road again!

We've nailed down a route, for the most part. We will be leaving northwest Iowa Tuesday evening, after dropping the minions and Baby O off at Grandma's. Then we'll be heading east and southerly direction.

This is what we look like when you pass us. Please note the barrel racer. That's what sets our rig with a semi-rusty horse trailer apart from the other semi-rusted horse trailers

This is what we look like when passing you. Please note the blue silhouette of a horse and rider.
Once we leave home we'll be heading toward Highway 20, and buzzing east across Iowa. until we hit Interstate 380 and we'll follow it south and east to Iowa City and then on I 80 to Davenport. Then we'll head south on I-74 flying through Peoria and Champlain in Illinois on our way to Indianapolis, IN. Then we'll head southeast again on our way to Dayton, OH, on I-71 and then we'll ride the along to Charleston, W. VA. Then we'll head west across West Virginia and buzz through the Monogahela National Forest over Interstate 64 to Charlottesville, VA and finally to Juniper Moon Farms.That's where we'll meet the gracious Susan, Caroline the Great and the sheep.

I've made several trips to across the northern part of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and into western Pennsylvania. This is the first time I've made a trip across the middle/southern parts of these states. The only time I've been to West Virginia is when we were visiting J's relatives in Marietta, OH, and we made a wrong turn and ended up in Parkersburg. Then we spent we spent an interesting afternoon exploring the town. This will be my first trip into Virginia.

Guess who's excited about the road trip?

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