Saturday, February 21, 2009

A new obsession

One week ago, I got this:

It's a Louet S10.

To make:

I already have two bobbins full and intend to try to ply it together while the kids nap. I'm in love. So is Tori. She pretends not to be.

But, all my wool has a chance to see is this when she's attacking the bundle of roving.

Tori has turned from a yarn loving kitten into a fiber-holic much like me. She has taken my nice roving and mangled it to pieces. She even likes to mark the wheel as hers.

It's amazing how soothing a spinning wheel can be. I've been spinning some undyed roving that came with the wheel and will be out soon.

The next challenge: fiber acquisition. Imagine the possibilities!

Oh, and to find a good chair to sit in while spinning in the living room. My favorite rocking chair doesn't quite cut it, and neither does the couch.


Ellen said...

You are doing an amazing job!!!
Way to go. When are the preknits showing up? LOL

Mariah said...

Soon, very soon, the preknits will arrive. Well, actually, probably next spring. This year is the year to prepare for preknits.