Friday, August 15, 2008

A float of crocodiles

A new feature of Portrait of a Wannabe Domestic Goddess:
Conversations with a 2-year-old

Cast of Characters:

Setting in the kids’ bedroom at night
I-minion: Mom, there's a crocodile in here.
Mom: Crocodile, please go to my room. [Pause] The crocodile's gone, go to sleep.
[Time elapses, maybe 2 minutes]
I-minion: Mom, there's A LOT of crocodiles in here.
Mom: Attention all crocodiles. You are asked to leave the room immediately. Go to mommy's room. Jasmine will escort you to the creek in five minutes. OK Ian, now ALL the crocodiles are gone.
[After a minute of silence]
E-minion: Mom, did Jasmine really take the crocodiles to the goose water? (that's what she call the creek because of the number of geese)
Mom: Yes.
E-minion: OK, I can sleep now.

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