Wednesday, August 13, 2008

During the Hiatus

Life got pretty hectic for the last month or so. To sum it up using I-minion's favorite phrase we "fixed."

1. We hung a ceiling in our front porch, which allowed me to hang my porch swing from the rafters instead of an A-frame like a swing set.

2. My father-in-law built floor-to-ceiling book shelves in my hall way and built lockers in my laundry room.

3. My husband got his mojo going to get on of our "twin projects" completed, a 1949 International Pickup. It's running and driving now. He has grand plans of taking it to a car show this weekend. I don't know if he's rounded up a seat, or a radiator hose, or fuel line yet. But, apparently these are "little things."

4. The garden grew. I watched the weeds grow, too. Eventually I weedwhacked them. See why I'm a wannabe domestic goddess? We've picked a few tomatoes, a lot of cucumbers and I'm going to be inundated with serrano peppers soon. What the heck do I do with hundreds of them?

5. I broke my knee. Well, basically I really messed it up. But, not in a way that is typically understood. My ACL is in tact, so are my ligaments and it isn't sprained, which is why a month and a half of physical therapy haven't helped. I'm off to the doctor tomorrow to find out what the next step is. One thing I do know is my knee hurts. A lot.

6. I got really motivated to get a few knitting projects done, but then, life sidelined most of them. I'm finally getting going again.

7. I-minion is a potty trainee. Diapers allowed at nap and over night, but we're getting to the point they are dry.

8. We tried potty training E-minion at the same time, but she got stressed out. We're taking our time with it now.

9. It got hot in Iowa, that means I didn't really cook, or do much of anything, see No. 5 for explaination.

10. We went to Mitchell for an exciting weekend, visiting with Gramma Caela and time to catch up with Kelli, of fame.

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