Friday, April 15, 2011

Farm Girl

E-minion asked me this morning if she could borrow my drench gun so she could give medicine to Sarah Jessica, her purple unicorn pillow pet. She names everything Sarah Jessica, including the frogs she catches and the Japanese Asian Lady Beetles she captures and puts in margarine tubs.

Apparently the equine version of Sarah Jessica has been pooping all over the minions' room and she needed to do something about it. E-minion said Sarah Jessica was also too tired to eat and not interested in getting ear scrtiches.

After a close inspection, I realized that Sarah Jessica had an upset tummy because she'd been gorging on the freshly greened grass in the yard. Her tummy wasn't used to the change in diet from hay. We set her up with a little electrolytes, and some hay for the day. Then after work/daycare Sarah Jessica can go out and have some hay, but not too much. I told E-minion she'll have to keep a close eye on her, just to make sure that it doesn't get any worse, or we might have to call Vet Sandy.

This isn't the first time Sarah Jessica has been sick. She was ill a few weeks ago when E-minion was home sick from school. They both snuggled on the couch and I had to played veterinarian with her. We were able to make Sarah Jessica better by lacing her water with some Pedialyte (a ice cream bucket with some Legos thrown in the bottom)  and a special ration of grain -- served out of one of the rings from Baby O's stacking toys.

By the next morning E-minion and Sarah Jessica were feeling better.

Tonight I hope that our plan of action has helped Sarah Jessica and will further E-minion's creativity. Who knows when she grows up, maybe she'll want to be a vet. I know that's what I wanted to to when I was her age.

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